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Alita Gideon

Lead, Events Management

About Alita

Alita has been a long-standing member of the St. George Toronto parish with a demonstrated aptitude in community engagement and organizational growth. As Lead of Events Management, Alita will be spearheading the implementation, coordination, and execution of all operations and initiatives.

Her contributions to the parish stem from her participation at Sunday School and as a Counsellor at Camp Transfiguration. She then held a leadership position at Teen SOYO where she was instrumental in leading a team to receive the Most Improved Parish Award from the Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York. Her passion of fostering community growth extends beyond the parish where she responsible for the administration of an OCF chapter at York University. This is an organization where orthodox students have an environment where they can connect, build relationships, and strengthen their faith on school grounds.

Alita is currently in her fourth year at York University completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Kinesiology, she is expected to graduate in April of 2022. Her aspirations are to attend medical school and practice medicine.