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Fouad Al-Hin

Director, Operations and Engagement

About Fouad

Fouad Al-Hin, as a licensed insurance agent, has spent the last four years empowering and mentoring entrepreneurs in the financial industry while building his clientele and helping families and individuals reach success and achieve financial freedom. This includes providing investment, life insurance, debt-consolidation, mortgage services, among others.

In addition, Fouad is a Lead Maintenance Engineer at Amazon.com Inc. employed by Muller Martini Canada Inc., Fouad leads a team of engineers to ensure the satisfaction of the customer is met and that all machinery is operating at its maximum capacity.

Fouad spent the last six years in the automation industry, gaining knowledge of a variety of fast-growing technologies, including the food and beverage, automotive, robotics and printing industries.

In his free time, Fouad enjoys trying new cuisines, sports, hiking, and learning new skills and assets.