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Fr. George Mokbel

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Richmond Hill Pastor

Fr. George A. Dahdouh

  • Fr. George was born in Sudan, Africa from a Syrian father and an Italian mother.
  • He grew up in the Latin rite although he was baptized according to the Eastern Melkite Catholic Rite.
  • He started being active in the church since his young age; and traveled with the priests and nuns to several missions in Sudan during his      teen age years.
  • When he finished high school, he left to Italy to the Gregorian University of Rome under the Comboni Fathers a religious order in the Roman Catholic Church (the Florence, Italy campus) where he studied two years of philosophy and theology and then  went to Kenya for     two years novitiate (a period of two years before you take your vows).  He worked among the Pockot tribe while in Kenya.
  • He got married to his wife Khouriya Manal in December 1986.  They have two children; Andrew and Mary Magdalene.
  • He became Orthodox together with his family at St. George, Little Falls, NJ in 1996.
  • He worked for 10 years in banking before he went to seminary.   He worked on bank mergers and system integration in NY, at Bank of America, Chase Manhattan and Sanwa Bank.
  • He has a Bachelor Degree in Christian Education from Felician University, a Master of Divinity from St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 2013. In 2005 he earned a Clinical Pastoral Education from Methodist Hospital.
  • He was ordained to the Diaconate on Pascha of 1997, and in July 6, 1997 to the Holy Priesthood.
  • He was the pastor of St. Elias in Syracuse, NY, St. Anthony in Spring, TX, St. Elias Mission, Houston, TX (under the Russian Church), The Annunciation Church in Calgary, Alberta, and since July 2017 a priest at St. George Toronto and then the pastor since July 6th, 2018 until September 16, 2021