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Peter Bondi

Lead, Programs and Services

About Peter

“Community is where people give of themselves”

Peter is best described as a helper. His life passion is to serve the needs of the community and lending support however possible. As Lead of Programs and Services, Peter is responsible for designing, planning, and implementing initiatives to support YAM’s short and long-term strategy.

Peter comes to us from a well-versed background in parish organizational planning with his most recent endeavor as president of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Waterloo and Laurier. He has made notable contributions to the St. George Toronto community as a Sunday School teacher, Camp Transfiguration counselor, co-president of Teen SOYO, and a regular alter server among various informal roles.

Peter is currently in his fourth year at the University of Waterloo completing a BASc in Management Engineering. He is expected to graduate in April 2022. His aspirations are to visit monasteries after his graduation and enter the workforce in his field.